Uprooted II: An Ode to the 1.5 Generation (2017)

"Uprooted II: An Ode to the 1.5 Generation" is a project that explores immigrant identity and displacement. It's part of my continued inquiry into the nuanced morphing identities of immigrants.

I belong to the 1.5 generation: immigrant children who were uprooted as young teens from their birthplace and taken to a new land. Coming of age in a new culture, we adapt easily, yet we don’t forget. We are caught in between identities—in between cultures, disoriented, searching, never feeling grounded.

“Uprooted II” is my homage to immigrant children—the curious ones who were swept along in their parent’s journey, while embarking on their own.

This project was exhibited in Travers Park, Jackson Heights as part of Queens Art Intervention 2017 and sponsored by RPGA Studio, and Queens Council on the Arts.