Família (Immigrant Family Project) (2016-)

(in-progress) “Família” explores ideas about identity, representation, and the role of photography as evidence. The series was initially inspired by questions regarding my own identity as an immigrant. The process was inspired by Jean Rouch, the father of cinéma-verité, whose films tried to get closer to the truth by exploring alternative methods of storytelling, sometimes blurring the line between fiction and documentary.

In the first phase of the project, families were asked to create a scene in their homes which they felt best represented themselves and their culture. They were also free to pose as they pleased for a series of shots. In the second phase, I brought them a print of the portrait I selected and interviewed them about the photograph. Did it truthfully represent them and their culture? The final audio interview with the family is meant to be heard as a viewer looks at the family's portrait.

This series questions the power of the artist to control representation and investigates the evolving “in-between” identities of first and second generation immigrants.